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Leaders in Heels Planner – Phenomenal Woman, TAN

Designer: Leaders in Heels


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Leaders in Heels Planner – Phenomenal Woman.

An inspirational planner that celebrates the greatness of women, with specially designed pages to keep you focused on your big goals, and motivate you to kick ass and achieve amazing things.

A must have for any female founder or woman on a mission!
Non-dated calendar, can be used anytime.

High achievers review their goals regularly.

Did you know that only 1% of the population write down their goals and review them regularly? These people tend to be among the most successful!

The Leaders in Heels ‘Phenomenal Woman’ Planners have exercises which help you determine your passion and values and use those to set your big goals.

Once you have your goals, quarterly and monthly planning pages get you off and running, while quarterly and monthly reviews let you see how you’ve gone, and what you need to adjust.

Get clear and act with purpose

It all starts with living your life intentionally—and to do that, you need to be very clear on what you want.

The planner includes exercises to:

  • Discover your passion
  • Visualise your dream day
  • Define your values
  • Plan your legacy
  • Set a big vision for your life

Stay motivated

It’s one thing to have goals, but quite another to remain motivated and on track through the rollercoaster ride it takes to achieve them.

The Phenomenal Woman planner keeps you motivated with:

  • Inspirational quotes to give you a confidence boost, keep your energy up, and remind you of the persistence and resilience required to achieve great things
  • An elegant front page summarising your key goals, intentions, values and theme word to remind you of the bigger picture every time you open your planner
  • An area for appointing accountability partners to keep you on track
  • Sections for rewards when you reach your goals
  • Weekly spreads with your top three weekly and daily priorities and to-do lists
  • Monthly check-ins to measure progress
  • Quarterly reviews of your goals and key areas of your life
  • A master to-do list for all your random ideas you’ll get to later


Feel great

 Ever been in a headspace where you felt untouchable… and you really were? When you’re feeling great, your work reflects it!

The planner helps you get into a positive mindset with:

  • Gratitude sections
  • Daily tracking of what’s most important to you (eg. healthy living, your fitness level, water intake, etc.)
  • Pages to record your wins and highlights
  • Structured pages for:
  •       Birthdays, special days and gifts
  •       Favourite quotes
  •       Lessons learned
  • Blank pages to mind-map, doodle and dream

Plan more than your day. Plan to be phenomenal.

TIP: This is a great gift for yourself, or that woman who loves to keep organised and on track with her goals. Perfect for: working women, gifts, client gifts,mums, friends, sisters, aunties, your mentee.


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