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Our Style Inspiration for Luxx Divine

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Written by Jellaine Dee,
Founder of Luxx Divine

One day while I was walking in West Hollywood after a lunch during a business trip to LA, I stumbled upon this gorgeous home & gift shop next to SUR restaurant, which is owned by my favourite Beverly Hills Housewife; Lisa Vanderpump (I'm a huge closet-fan of the Real Housewives Reality TV shows!)

The store had sooo many amazing, quirky, funny, lush, luxe and divine products I wanted it all!!
I recognised many pieces from seeing Lisa Vanderpump on the show when they would pan her house, and of course; her restaurant being so close to the shop she would definitely be a regular customer and buy many pieces from the said shop.
I loved the spark I felt walking in there, the pieces were for home and gifts and not the typical things you would find in Kmart for example. They were conversation pieces that you wanted to collect and would surely make you and your home instantly 'cooler' and more sophisticated.
With that feeling in mind I thought, "wouldn't it be great to have an online store selling these feel good wares...." and as much as I love a Kmart hack - im also not wanting my home or style to be exactly the same as every house in my suburb. Retailers like Kmart have done such a great job recently on bringing in budget and trendy homewares.
I know as some point women will be over it, and will want to differentiate their sense of style from the psychology of many people are" If everyone can have it, then I don;t want it" Tat's why high-end brands exist and thrive.
Fast forward a few months the inspiration of the name, aesthetic, style and overall brand was inspired by my love of that "Luxe" shop next to SUR and my adoration of Lisa Vanderpump's style and elegance. She's also a classy yet badass business woman and I love that about her the most!
So the moral of the story is...
Shopping is good for you, you can get the best ideas that could become life changing, simply by being in the moment -exploring a new city, going into a shop you ordinarily wouldn't visit and the spark of ideas can hit you like lighting, stirring up ideas and action. So be in flow and you never know when your next big idea will meet you.
Some pics from that day....
PS - And I got to meet Lisa Vanderpump herself! She was having lunch at Pump (her other restaurant around the block) and naturally I had to get a selfie.
The Luxe shop!
Then I went back at night to see their night-time vibe, cocktails were good! Ambiance was divine.



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